JBJ is the syntax used to configure fields, and treat results of operators in the dashboard charts (histogram, horizontalbars, pie, map, and network).

See the whole documentation of JBJ at ReadTheDocs or at GitHub.

However, there is a trick included in ezVIS, to facilitate the building of fields, or of charts configuration: set addlinkstojbj to true. This is intented to be used during configuration time, not production time. A link to JBJ Playground will be proposed, with the input area already filled in with the data used in the pages where the button appear.

To access the same part as what is in a record (in documentFields), you need to select the data part of the input JSON. So, begin with this stylesheet:

    "get": "data"

Make sure you set addlinkstojbj to false before deploying in production environment (or simply remove the key from the configuration file).