There is an URL to display a document, which identifier is, say, id, it is ended with /display/id.html (you can replace html with json if you want to see what is stored in the database).


To indicate the title of a document, use the documentFields named $title.


In order to make the /display/id.html page work, you have to declare all the fields you want in the document's page.

They have to be in display.fields, they'll be displayed in the same order as their declaration's order.

Use "path": "label"


  "display" : {
    "fields" : {
      "title": "Title",
      "authors": "Authors",
      "year": "Publication Year",
      "content.json.SourceCorrigee": "Source",
      "content.json.DiscESI": "Theme",
      "content.json.SectionEtude": "INSU Section",
      "content.json.La": "Publication Language",
      "content.json.PaysFRERegroupe": "Country",
      "content.json.Di": "DOI",
      "content.json.Ut": "WoS Identifier"

Example of ezVIS document's display

To change the fields column's width, use fieldsWidth within display key:

  "display": {
    "fields": {
      "title"   : "Title",
      "year"    : "Year",
      "director": "Director",
      "vactors" : "Actors"
    "fieldsWidth": "50%"

Any CSS width will work. However, be aware that it is preferable to let it be responsive.